FAQ for publishers

Which website can join SmartBee platform?

Any website with at least 1000 daily visitors can register in our system.

We approve websites considering their quality and content. The refused websites can reapply for registration after 3 months eliminating their reasons of problems.

Sometimes we can request Google Analytics or other web-counter data.

How can I know when my website is approved?

After your registration in system we investigate your request and within maximum 3 working days we reply to you.

Your website can be disapproved due to technical parameters, non-eligible content etc.

How many ad slots can be inserted in website and how they affect to revenue?

Quantity of ad slots in separate page is important. However, attractiveness and design of ad zones are more important.

Depending on content and design quantity of ad zones can vary.

By default, each separate page can place up to 4 ad zones.

How can I withdraw my revenue?

Publishers can get their withdraw their current approved balance in the next month within 30 days after providing all necessary documents.

  • If you are legal entity, then you have to provide bank details (requisites) and TIN.
  • İf you are not legal entity, then you have to register as physical person in local tax bodies and then send bank details and TIN.

Note: You need to have at least 50 AZN balance in your approved balance.

What happens when my website is blocked?

If there are artificial interventions and fraud elements in your account, then your revenue for this month is blocked.

As one of the partners of SmartBee is Google, according to its rules, your ad account can be completely blocked when fraud actions occur.

SmartBee platform uses Moat, Innovid, DoubleVerify anti-fraud tools codes too.

What are thr bank details of SmartBee? How i can get funds?


TIN: 1702851971

Bank name: Bank of Baku ASC Mərkəz filialı

Bank TIN:1700038881

Code: 507592


IBAN: AZ27NABZ01350100000000007944

Correspondeng account: AZ89JBBK00380300001634854A75

Director: Karimov Farid

You can also use ready template for contracting..

How much revenue i can generate?

Revenue of publisher depends on website theme, dimension of ad zone, CTR of banners etc.

Premium websites, resources with interesting and original content or with attractive banner ad zones can generate more CPM/CPC than usual websites.

Pricing for standard websites are as following:.

Format Pricing
300x250 ₼ 0,05
320x100 ₼ 0,05
728x90 ₼ 0,05
300x600 ₼ 0,05
160x600 ₼ 0,05
120x600 ₼ 0,05
pop-up ₼ 4,00
fullscreen ₼ 5,00
3D cube banner ₼ 0,40
in-page ₼ 2,00
vertical in-page ₼ 3,00
sentence ad ₼ 0,10
news+image block ₼ 0,10


By default, CPC for standard websites are also 0.05 AZN.

Special conditions for premium websites are based on negotiations. For these inquiries, just contact us.

I have a question related to payment. What should i do?

Contact phone: +994702011514

E-mail: [email protected]