FAQ for advertisers

How we can make a payment?

It is possible to pay and top-up balance by:

  • 1. Online payment via plastic card
  • 2. Wire transfer based on contract
  • 3. Cash

How ad pricing is calculated?

SmartBee platform offers both CPM (cost based on per 1000 impressions) and PPC (pay-per-click) methods. Ad pricing depends on many variables (advertiser, budget, ad creative, targeting options etc.).

Start price for CPM and CPC is 0.2 AZN.

What is the minimum amount to advertise?

You need to have at least 10 AZN in your balance for the first time in order to advertise.

Where my ads will be shown?

Your ads will be seen in various websites which are connected to SmartBee platform. Our smart and automatic algorithms arrange how and when ads will be shown depending on your budget and targeting. You can define and narrow your target audience using our targeting options.

Which targeting options are available?

SmartBee is the most functional local web-platform offering the richest targeting options. These targeting options are available:

  • Device (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • Operations system (Android, iOS)
  • Country (Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey etc.)
  • Language (Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish)
  • Days of week
  • Keywords

Targeting by keywords (your ads will be soon only on pages that match keyword you'd chosen) is our one of the most efficient and unique features.

We are working and develop custom targeting options for our clients too.

Is it possible to choose custom websites?

Of course, you can choose to show your ads on certain websites, as well as which websites to block (not to show ads).

Please, consider that to narrow targeting placements impact pricing too.

Which ad formats are the most popular?

The most popular and widely-used ad banner dimensions are 300x250, 160x600, 320x100 və 728x90 because these slot dimensions are embedded into the most of websites.

Which ad formats are supported?

SmartBee is the platform which supports the widest range of formats:

  • Static .png, .jpg images
  • Animated (HTML5, .gif)
  • Rich media (catfish, pop-up, pop-under, screen-glide etc.)
  • Teaser and graphic-text ad blocks (title+text description+image)
  • Video-ads (outstream in-page, pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll)


We also create custom formats and dimensions for special requests.

Veb-bannerlər üçün texniki tələblər


Ad format Maximum weight
GIF 250 KB
ZIP 450 KB
MP4 15 MB

Bannerlərin üzərində "Ad notice" blokunun olmasını nəzərə alın:

I have a question related to adding creatives. What should i do?

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E-mail: [email protected]