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SmartBee is complete digital ad management platform for programmatic buying based in Azerbaijan.

  • Purchase inventory & monetize traffic programmatically
  • Manage full digital campaign with all kinds of display banners and video ads.
  • Connect advertisers with Azerbaijani publishers for for lower price
  • Detailed analytics and reporting


We deliver the widest targeting options in country including some unique opportunities

  • More than 30 ad formats
  • Automated optimization
  • Choose and block certain websites or categories


Our reporting tools is easy-to-use. We constantly improve UX/UI and make it convenient for you.

  • Daily, weekly, monthly and custom date statistics
  • Export to Excel and PDF instantly
  • Build your own reporting template
  • Not just clicks/impressions, but more in-depth analytical data


More than 40 international and local advertisers choose SmartBee as main reach-builder and traffic-generator web-source in Azerbaijan.

RTB Platform

Our system is not just an adserver or ad network. Our system also supports real-time bidding (RTB) standards.
Auction-based media placement is more prefereable for our advertisers than private deals.

Best-performing ad formats

We use not only 300x250 or 728x90 size display ad formats, but also rich media formats as catfish, splash, teaser news, outstream in-page videos. e-commerce leads etc.

We are proud of our advertisers

Both international and local advertisers choose SmartBee platform to promote their products and services. We have been cooperating with our clients from FMCG, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, retail, tourism etc. categories for placement of both online video and display web-banners.

Advertisers and agencies that want to spend their media budget prefer SmartBee. Therefore total revenue of our system increased by 4 times in 2019. Now SmartBee is the largest local web-platform in Azerbaijan.

Global clients

Local clients

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Testimonaials of our advertisers

SmartBee platform developed by Azerbaijanis meet not only local requirements, but international strict standards. It is pleasure (and also surprising) to see that this complex tool for digital advertising is completely developed in Azerbaijan.

It is single access point for mediaplanning, digital placement in local websites, ad optimization, post-campaign statistics, accounting reports etc. It is easy to deliver ads to large audience not only for digital marketers and people in marketing, but also for all types of advertisers. No need to long negotiations with publishers, bureaucracy, different tools for ad measurement etc.; everything is managed from a single panel.

Nowadays online video advertising is booming. The system supports not only display web ads, but also all types of in-stream and outstream video ads.

For advertisers that face difficulty in creation of creative and expensive ads, there is integrated easy-to-use text-graphic ad constructor.

Meeting modern UX/UI requirements, making digital media placement in Azerbaijan very easy and cheaper, SmartBee system deserves to develop and succeed.

Tural Karimov

Digital marketing manager,
Baku Media Center